Method of Sale

There is no Bad method of selling a home. You just need a Good Agent and a method your comfortable with. In Residential Property in the current Sydney market there are 2 popular methods.

Auction. There are 3 stages of marketing when selling via the Auction process. BEFORE - During the lead up to auction day marketing will attract interested buyers and the seller is well in there right to accept a good offer before auction. AUCTION DAY - All the buyers come together at the property and the Auctioneer openly has the buyers compete and bid for the property. If the buyers bids reach the reserve price or a price the owner is willing to accept on the day the deposit is paid with an unconditional sale. AFTER - The marketing and auction day shows the agent and owner the interested buyers and the property's current market value. Negotiations continue with these buyers until an acceptable offer is presented to the owner and they agree to sell.

Private Treaty. This "For Sale" method is most common in our local area. Buyers are attracted to the property and the sales agents negotiate privately to obtain the highest price possible. Time is not as restricted as what an auctioneer has and a trained agent can use many "Keys of Negotiation" to extract the best possible price from a buyer. Like any sales process it is important to have a marketing plan and stratergy to follow. Knowing "Time on Market" has a direct link to "Maximising Highest Price" a plan that lasts no longer than four weeks is essential.