Letisha Aquilina

Letisha Aquilina

Sales Area Manager

Born and raised in Sydney's western suburbs, Letisha Aquilina knows the area as only a local can. After studying real estate part-time over a three-year period while working, Letisha joined the Tracy Roberts team in 2011 as office receptionist. During her time in this role Letisha learned to handle many aspects of real estate within the dynamic team-based environment, from property management to sales and office management. She has now settled in the sales department, which is where she has found her talents and skills are best utilised.

Friendly, professional and knowledgeable, Letisha loves nothing better than helping people find the home of their dreams or an investment property to add to their portfolio that ticks all the right boxes. Today she works alongside her colleague Carlos Tamayo in the Effective Business Unit they have established together.

Team Tamayo & Aquilina

Carlos Tamayo and Letisha Aquilina have joined forces as an Effective Business Unit to deliver even better service and results for their clients. Working together as a team allows them to focus on their individual strengths to ensure uncompromised commitment and support every step of the way. The result is a systemised, structured approach to the sales process for superior service and results.

Both Carlos and Letisha work exceptionally well together and share similar values and a genuine passion for what they do and the community they serve. They are both honest, reliable and strive for continuous professional development to ensure their clients have the benefit of profiting from their combined knowledge long after the sale of their property.

Discover the difference a professional team can make.
Contact Carlos Tamayo on 9631 3566 or Letisha Aquilina on 9631 3566

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